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a comic device, criticism expressed through scathing mockery. Sarcasm is the strongest form of irony. Although a sarcastic statement is formulated in positive terms, its negative meaning is immediately made apparent; other forms of irony preserve and develop the positive formulation, expressing criticism only by subtle implication. Sarcasm is always tendentious, merciless, and satirical; irony, when used for purposes of humor, is gentle and conciliatory. Unlike simple condemnation, sarcasm does not explicitly criticize but forces the reader himself to reassess the object of satire:

Molchalin! Who else can smooth things out so peacefully!
He knows just when to pet a pug,
And when to slip in a card.

(A. S. Griboedov, Woe From Wit)

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I will answer every question with a sarcastic answer, if it's something silly or something you are trying to avoid talking about with a joke.
At one stage in the hearing District Judge Fiona Bagnall warned him about sarcastic answers and showing respect to the prosecutor.
Bryant gave a few sarcastic answers when asked about the play immediately after the game, calling himself a "klutz" for tumbling face-first into the paint.