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The thin connective tissue sheath enveloping a muscle fiber.



the delicate membrane that invests smooth-muscle cells and striated and myocardial fibers. The term “sar-colemma” was introduced by the British physician W. Bowman in 1840. A sarcolemma consists of a three-layer cell membrane, which is approximately 75 angstroms thick and similar to the cell membrane in other animal cells, and a basilar membrane, which is a layer of amorphous matter containing polysaccharides. In vertebrates the basilar membrane of muscle cells and muscle fibers usually contains collagen fibrils.


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Thus, ingestion of exogenous Cr may provide protective effects via increased phosphocreatine synthesis which, in turn may aid in stabilizing the sarcolemma membranes and thereby reducing the extent of damage.
Overexpression of utrophin (Utrn) is able to counteract the lack of dystrophin protecting the sarcolemma integrity in the dystrophic muscle [23, 24].
b) Excitation-contraction coupling which includes all phenomena that initiated the action potential sarcolemma sharp increases in the concentration of free Ca2 + from sarcoplasmic necessary training and dragging the cross deck.
Whether there is muscle damage caused by this type of muscle action with disturbances in the sarcolemma and disruption of the Z lines (5,6,12) that are manifested through muscle injury markers such as creatine kinase (CK) and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) (10,11) remains unclear.
The article explained the places of the fatigue of the Physical Education books, with the following contents: depletion of the energy substrates, accumulation of metabolic products, fatigue at the neuromuscular junction, fatigue in the sarcolemma and T tubules, fatigue in the sarcoplasmic reticulum and delayed onset muscle soreness.
Primary periodic paralysis is a rare autosomal dominant disorder of ion-channel dysfunction, manifested by episodic flaccid paresis secondary to abnormal sarcolemma excitability.
Dystrophin protects the sarcolemma from stresses developed during muscle contraction.
Eight of the ten patients showed different intensities of fluorescence in skeletal muscle with the polyvalent anti-immunoglobulin; the fluorescence had a linear or granular aspect in the sarcolemma (Fig.
Intensely fluorescing areas within the exact borders of the sarcolemma were interpreted as eMHC-positive fibers.
A similar interaction with sarcolemma potassium channels could hyperpolarize cardiomyocytes and decrease cardiac excitability.
Interruption of myocardial blood flow causes a series of events that lead to alterations in the myocyte's physiology and architecture including mitochondrial and sarcolemma injury and alterations in intracellular calcium handling, culminating in injury and cell death [3].
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