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(sär`gŏn), king of Akkad in Mesopotamia (reigned c.2340–c.2305 B.C.). By conquest he established a great empire that included the whole of Mesopotamia and extended over Syria and Elam, and he controlled territories W to the Mediterranean and N to the Black Sea. Documents now support the theory that Sargon and his successors sent expeditions into SE Arabia as well as Asia Minor. The dynasty founded by Sargon lasted approximately 160 years; it was destroyed (c.2180 B.C.) by the Gutian barbarians from the Zagros Mts. Sargon's dynasty did much to spread Semitic and Sumerian civilization. His name appears also as Sharukkin.


d. 705 B.C., king of AssyriaAssyria
, ancient empire of W Asia. It developed around the city of Ashur, or Assur, on the upper Tigris River and south of the later capital, Nineveh. Assyria's Rise

The nucleus of a Semitic state was forming by the beginning of the 3d millennium B.C.
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 (722–705 B.C.), successor to Shalmaneser V. He completed Shalmaneser's siege of Samaria in 721 B.C., thus destroying the northern Israelite kingdom forever. In 720 he defeated a coalition of enemies at Raphia. He captured Carchemish, subdued Babylonia, and advanced eastward to Kurdistan. He founded the last great Assyrian dynasty. Excavations of his palace at Dur Sharrukin (Khorsabad) have uncovered his personal annals, in which he recorded in detail his destruction of Samaria. His name appears also as Sharrukin.
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SHOTLEY BRIDGE: R Burdon c Shakespeare b Ali 6, K Milburn lbw Sampson-Barnes 22, PGreenwell lbw Sampson-Barnes 11, M Allan lbw Ali 13, J Camarda bSampson-Barnes 0, L Hall run out 4, G Patterson lbw Sampson-Barnes 0,R Andrews c Sargon Sampson-Barnes 36, O Gibson b Coyne 0, J Gibsonst Sargon b Coyne 0, J Rowley not out 1.
LONDON, ENGLAND - APRIL 18: MEP Candidate, Carl Benjamin, aka Sargon of Akkad, attends the launch of the UKIP European election campaign, in Westminster on April 18, 2019 in London, England.
Two wickets from Jack Sargon gave Boldon brief hope of success but Whitburn skipper Luke Smith was on top form, hitting six boundaries in an unbeaten 46-ball 45 as his side eased to a six-wicket win with more than five overs to spare.
Baghdad / NINA /-- Political Bureau of the Assyrian Democratic Movement announced that the Integrity criminal court's decision of aggravated imprisonment against the former Minister of Environment Sargon Lazar Salioh was "unjust and unfair.
The integrity criminal court "heard a case concerning the former minister of environment Sargon Lazar Slewah on corruption charges, and sentenced him to two years' imprisonment," the statement quoted Chief Judge Jum'a al-Sa'idi as saying.
(27) Turco goes on to tell a Mesopotamian version of the treason of the Dead, who betrayed their Numenorean overlords for "the wizard Sargon" (27).
Abu Ghazaleh turns in one of his finest and most coherent recorded performances to date, welding his considerable gifts as a vocalist to exquisite borrowed texts from poets like Mahmoud Darwish and Sargon Boulus as well as contributing lyrics of his own.
Earlier that day, TAISM held the awards ceremony for the students who were named as the most outstanding in the following subjects: Arabic as a Foreign Language: Sargon Goriel (11), Arabic as a Heritage Language: Saif Al Hajri (12) and Mithaq Al Balushi (11), Art: Mai Al Harthy (12) and Athletics: Outstanding Athletes -- John Awe (12) and Tania Olier Souza (12), in addition to Choral Music: Maria Chalhoub (12) and Lauren Hovland (12), Drama: Lauren Hovland (12) and Joshua Lee (12), English: Joshua Lee (12), and French: Virginia Attina (12).
In 722/721 BCE, Samaria, the Kingdom of Israel's capital, was conquered by Sargon II (or his predecessor, Shalmaneser V), who then deported its rebellious inhabitants to Assyria.
Fourteen grandsons, George and his wife Stella, Simon and his wife Faya, Ashur, Delmon, Ninos and his wife Maya, Sargon and his wife Catherine, Dany, Andrew and his wife Brittney, Brian (deceased), Matthew, Michael, Jack, Ryan and Alex, a granddaughter, Ninwa, five great grandsons, Sargon, Enkido, Rabi, Akkad and Renyo.
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"I think it 's really timely to ask whether the IMF has really learned the lessons of the continued criticisms of its role, and whether its presentation of a more emollient and open stance has really been consistent with the 33 new arrangements its signed up to since 2010?" says Sargon Nissan, programme manager for the IMF at the Bretton Woods Project, which monitors the activities of the Fund and the World Bank.