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(sär`gŏn), king of Akkad in Mesopotamia (reigned c.2340–c.2305 B.C.). By conquest he established a great empire that included the whole of Mesopotamia and extended over Syria and Elam, and he controlled territories W to the Mediterranean and N to the Black Sea. Documents now support the theory that Sargon and his successors sent expeditions into SE Arabia as well as Asia Minor. The dynasty founded by Sargon lasted approximately 160 years; it was destroyed (c.2180 B.C.) by the Gutian barbarians from the Zagros Mts. Sargon's dynasty did much to spread Semitic and Sumerian civilization. His name appears also as Sharukkin.


d. 705 B.C., king of AssyriaAssyria
, ancient empire of W Asia. It developed around the city of Ashur, or Assur, on the upper Tigris River and south of the later capital, Nineveh. Assyria's Rise

The nucleus of a Semitic state was forming by the beginning of the 3d millennium B.C.
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 (722–705 B.C.), successor to Shalmaneser V. He completed Shalmaneser's siege of Samaria in 721 B.C., thus destroying the northern Israelite kingdom forever. In 720 he defeated a coalition of enemies at Raphia. He captured Carchemish, subdued Babylonia, and advanced eastward to Kurdistan. He founded the last great Assyrian dynasty. Excavations of his palace at Dur Sharrukin (Khorsabad) have uncovered his personal annals, in which he recorded in detail his destruction of Samaria. His name appears also as Sharrukin.
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9) Apart from the Tartan who led the delegation to Hezekiah, a general bearing this title was sent by Sargon II in 711 BCE to conquer Ashdod (Isa.
and Japan," says Sargon Nissan, programme manager for the IMF at the Bretton Woods Project.
Sargon Lazar Slewa to welcome UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner on his first visit to Iraq.
Sargon Lazar Slewa, said, " The Government of Iraq is committed to moving ahead with plans to restore the environment as part of our National Development Plan.
This Netflix common stock is held in the Sargon Portfolio, a designated portfolio of assets within the various private investment funds comprising Icahn Enterprises' Investment segment, of which David Schechter and Brett Icahn are the co-managers.
Icahn and Schechter are co-managers of the Sargon Portfolio, a designated portfolio of assets within the various private investment funds comprising the Investment segment of Icahn Enterprises L.
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While many may not know the name Simon Sargon, the horn-playing community can thank Dallas Symphony Orchestra Principal Horn Emeritus Gregory Hustis for introducing him to us on the 1992 Crystal Records release, Huntsman, What Quarry?
It was taken by Sargon in 720 BC, in his war with Egypt, since Khanun, the king of Gaza, joined the Egyptians and was captured at the battle of Raphia.
He currently serves as a Portfolio Manager of the Sargon Portfolio for Icahn Capital, and has held various positions with entities affiliated with Icahn since 2004.
427 Sargon Way, Unit E Horsham, PA 19044 Phone: 215-442-0270; Fax: 215-442-0271 www.
Likewise, parallels between the early life of Moses and that of Sargon, King of the Akkadians are acknowledged with the reader left to infer reasons for such close parallels.