a city in eastern Turkey, in Kars II (Province). Population, 20,000 (1970). Sarikamiş is a stopping point on the railroad and highway between Erzurum and Kars. Vegetable oil and cheese are produced. There are also flour mills.

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They have been placed in hospitals of Sarikamis town and Kars province.
The blast hit in Sarikamis neighborhood in the central Sur district, Turkey's Anadolu Agency (AA) reported tonight, citing local security sources.
1930 GMT) in the Sarikamis district, about 25 km (15 miles) from the region's biggest city of Diyarbakir, as Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants loaded explosives onto a small truck, according to the Interior Ministry.
The Turkish nation gave 230,000 martyrs in Gallipoli, 90,000 in Sarikamis and 40,000 in Arabian land that belonged to Ottoman Empire at that time.
It could be argued that the strategic rationale for the Armenian mass deportations was the major disruption of the Russo-Ottoman border, whereby Ottomans' main line of defense, the Third Army, was broken during the Sarikamis Battle in December 1914 to January 1915.
Sarikamis orman isletme mE-dE-rlE-gE- ihale salonu (inE[micro]nE- mah.
25 on the Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum pipeline's section in the city of Sarikamis of Turkey's Kars province.
En enero de 1915 el ejercito turco sufrio una gran derrota en el Caucaso, en Sarikamis (38 mil muertos) y entonces su alto mando temio que una gran revuelta armenia aislara a las tropas del lugar.
1) Department of Biochemistry, Sarikamis Military Hospital, Sarikamis, Kars, Turkey
A bus transporting Syrian Armenians to Aleppo crashed with a taxi in Sarikamis district of Turkey on June 14.