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Ont., Canada, part (since 1935) of the city of WindsorWindsor
. 1 Town (1991 pop. 3,625), central N.S., Canada, at the mouth of the Avon River on an arm of Minas Basin. It is the center of a gypsum and limestone-quarrying area. Manufactures include fertilizers, building materials, and lumber products.
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a piece of meat or other food placed between two slices of bread. Although food in this form has long been used, the term sandwich originated in the 18th cent. It is named for John Montagu, the 4th earl of Sandwich, an inveterate gambler who ate informally at the gaming table rather than stopping for the set meal.


town (1991 pop. 4,184), Kent, SE England, on the Stour River. It is a resort and market center with some light industries. One of the Cinque PortsCinque Ports
[O. Fr.,=five ports], name applied to an association of maritime towns in Sussex and Kent, SE England. They originally numbered five: Hastings, Romney (now New Romney), Hythe, Dover, and Sandwich. The association was informally organized in the 11th cent.
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 in the 11th cent., Sandwich flourished in the Middle Ages and became a center for fishing and trade. Silting in the 16th cent. ruined the harbor. Interesting medieval churches and buildings remain.
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I was about to cross the road and the officer drove past me with the sarnie package in one hand while driving with his thumb and adjacent finger on the wheel," said Mr Bates, 53, of Norton.
Nathan, who works part-time in the Cadbury World canteen, believes the secret of a good sarnie is in the bread.
I love their bacon and tomato sarnies and duly ordered one with a coffee.
There's a little Edwardian tea shop if you forget your sarnies.
I can't think of a reason to buy this product, even though I eat sarnies about three times a week.
CUTLINE: Google account executive Emma McKeithen, Jared Sarnie, Sherwood art teacher Deirdre Kunar, Google account manager Brandon Feldman, and parents Marilyn and Rob Sarnie.
com)-- The ALS Group, an independent insurance and risk management and advisory firm, has announced that Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer Richard Sarnie has been chosen by The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (A&P) as Vice President, Risk Management.
What we are looking at here is the better bacon sarnie.
Po-faced officials yesterday stamped on attempts to table a Parliamentary motion congratulating the city on its 2008 success because of one word sarnie.
Rich Sarnie doesn't spend much time thinking about the highfalutin concept of "enterprise risk management" being touted eagerly by management consultants nationwide, and for that he makes no apologies.
But the competition to sell the ultimate Sky Blue sarnie is already hotting up, with many other retailers looking to muscle in on the lucrative
Olive editor Laura Rowe, who is author of Taste: The Infographic Book of Food (PS20, Aurum Press), shares her top tips for the perfect sarnie this Sunday: 1 Don't scrimp on the bacon - this is the best bit