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a city and administrative center of Saryagach Raion, Chimkent Oblast, Kazakh SSR. Railroad station on the Tashkent-Arys’ line, 20 km north of Tashkent.

Saryagach has wine-making, vegetable-oil extraction, mineral-water bottling, and keramzit plants and a men’s-furnish-ings factory. The Kaplanbek Veterinary Technicum is located in the city.

Saryagach is a balneotherapeutic health resort. Summers are hot, with an average July temperature of 27°C, and winters are mild, with an average January temperature of - 1°C. Therapeutic remedies include thermal (49–50°C) and mineral hydrocarbon-sodium water containing silicic and naphthenic acids, which is used for bathing and drinking. Diseases of the joints, bones, muscles, digestive organs, and skin are treated, as well as urologie problems. Saryagach has a sanatorium and a water treatment facility.

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It has already set up border signs in the Saryagach region of South Kazakhstan province".