Satellite Cell

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satellite cell

[′sad·əl‚īt ‚sel]
One of the neurilemmal cells surrounding nerve cells in the peripheral nervous system.

Satellite Cell


in plants, a parenchymal cell that is adjacent to the sieve tubes of the phloem and is related to them both ontogenetically and physiologically.

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Determination of MOI value: The bovine muscle satellite cells were maintained in DMEM supplemented with 20% of FBS and 10% HS.
Satellite cell proliferation and the expression of myogenin and desmin in regenerating skeletal muscle: evidence for two different populations of satellite cells.
Furthermore, satellite cells (SCs) are localized under the basal lamina and are myogenic stem cells related to muscle repair and angiogenesis [7-9].
Briefly, monoclonal anti-Pax7 antibody (Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank, Iowa, IA, USA) was used for the detection of muscle satellite cells (Asakura et al.
Voluntary resistance wheel exercise during post-natal growth in rats enhances skeletal muscle satellite cell and myonuclear content at adulthood.
Significant role of satellite cells (SC) in muscle regeneration following injury is well documented (19).
Researchers here treated these stem cells with leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF), which effectively maintained the undifferentiated state of the satellite cells and enhanced their transplantation efficiency.
The Pax7 gene is indeed a key regulator of muscle cell differentiation in specific populations of adult stem cells and is a good candidate to distinguish activated satellite cells (Caliaro et al.
The decreased AK activity is a significant cause for decreased satellite cell differentiation and hence sarcopenia.
Satellite cells have been reported that can be divided or multiplied by strength training in adults (Kadi, 2000).

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