earth station

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earth station

[′ərth ‚stā·shən]
A facility with a land-based antenna used to transmit and receive information to and from a communications satellite.

earth station

A ground-based receiving or transmitting/receiving station in a satellite communications system. The counterpart to the earth station is the satellite in orbit, which is the "space station." Earth stations use dish-shaped antennas, the diameters of which can be under two feet for satellite TV to as large as fifty feet for satellite operators. Antennas for space exploration have diameters reaching a hundred feet.

Multiplex, Modulate and Upconvert
An earth station is generally made up of a multiplexor, a modem, up and downconverters, a high power amplifier (HPA) and a low noise amplifier (LNA). Almost all transmission to satellites is digital, and the digital data streams are combined in a multiplexor and fed to a modem that modulates a carrier frequency in the 50 to 180 MHz range. An upconverter bumps the carrier into the gigahertz range, which goes to the HPA and dish.

Downconvert, Demodulate and Demultiplex
For receiving, the LNA boosts the signals to the downconverter, which lowers the frequency and sends it to the modem. The modem demodulates the carrier, and the digital output goes to the demultiplexing device and then to its destinations. See earth station on board vessel and base station.

Earth Station
Earth stations use dish-shaped antennas to transmit and receive microwave signals to and from satellites.

On Board a Ship
Earth stations on board vessels (ESVs) are used to receive TV, make phone calls and access the Internet while traveling near the coast or on the high seas. Encased in a waterproof container, the ESV must be able to track the satellite with great precision. If the ESV deviates by a half a degree, it must shut down transmission immediately in order to not interfere with other satellites. (Image courtesy of Sea Tel Inc.,
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The Tanum satellite earth station will be closed down gradually during 2002.
In choosing a location for a satellite earth station it needs to be cost-effective and have reliable connectivity to the rest of the world.
noted, "This order is another example of our broad, international market leadership position in the satellite earth station equipment market.
TEQ a leading provider of satellite network systems today announced that they have delivered the latest version of HighStreet Networks Xpress(TM) to a major European telecommunications provider for management and control their satellite earth station.
The equipment will be used in fixed and transportable satellite earth station terminals by a multinational end-user.
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The Andrew Reynosa facility will make microwave and satellite earth station equipment for North American and export markets.
The path between the cafe and the outside world consists of a WiFi connection between the base camp located on a glacier and a satellite earth station installed within two miles of the camp at the height of 16,000 feet.
The Company's mission is to establish a multi-media company to vertically integrate company owned and/or controlled audio and video content with a delivery system comprised of an FCC licensed satellite earth station up-link with access to all of the satellites covering North America and those over the Atlantic providing service to Western Europe, therefore being capable of reaching virtually every radio station, television station, cable system and satellite network in the USA and Western Europe.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced today that it will expand its lineup of Gallium Nitride High Electron Mobility Transistors (GaN-HEMTs) to include units with 100W and 70W output power for use in satellite earth stations utilizing the Ku-band.
Inclarity will also extend the reach of Asiacell from the three existing satellite earth stations in Sulimania, Mosoul and Baghdad to two new earth stations in Basra and Kirkuk.

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