Satellites and Snooping

The following article is from Conspiracies and Secret Societies. It is a summary of a conspiracy theory, not a statement of fact.

Satellites and Snooping

Project Echelon is supposed to be busy detecting terrorist activity, but conspiracy theorists fear that its high-tech talents are also being directed at U.S. civilians who have politically incorrect opinions.

One of the first projects assigned to the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) was the conversion of the aurora borealis into a massive transmitting antenna that would be utilized in conjunction with ground-based antennae in order to create a multitude of frequencies that could be transmitted from stations spaced around the planet. The principal transmissions would be at extremely low frequencies (ELF), the same range in which the human brain operates. ELF transmissions can be tuned to impair the brain performance of a large segment of the population of any nation or to spy on and monitor certain individuals. ELF can penetrate walls, roofs, and underground bunkers. Through auroral surveillance technology, no computer hard drive is secure, regardless of the encryption employed.

The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) already has in place the most complete surveillance program ever created, codename Echelon. This global spy system has the ability to capture and analyze virtually each telephone call, fax, email, and telex message transmitted anywhere in the world. Although Echelon is managed and controlled by NSA, it functions with full cooperation from the Government Communications Head Quarters of Great Britain, the Communications Security Establishment of Canada, the Australian Defense Security Directorate, and the General Communications Security Bureau of New Zealand. With intercept stations all over the planet, Echelon is able to gather all satellite, microwave, cellular, and fiber-optic communications, then process this data through the cutting-edge technology of the enormous computer facilities of NSA, which even has advanced voice recognition and optical character recognition programs to detect any code words or phrases.

All members cooperating with Echelon have agreed to a top-secret, highly classified 1948 document known as “UKUSA.” Ostensibly Echelon is busy detecting terrorist activity, but conspiracy theorists have evidence that its high-tech talents are also being directed at U.S. civilians in a domestic surveillance program targeted at individuals who have politically incorrect opinions or who diverge in some way from what the “listeners” consider the norm. The fact that such illegal eavesdropping violates the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution is of little or no concern to the “listeners” and the “watchers.”

President Harry S. Truman established the NSA in 1952 with a classified presidential directive that remains secret to all but a few government agents with top clearance ratings. The government didn’t even acknowledge the existence of the NSA until 1957. It has been determined that NSA’s original assignment was to conduct intelligence and communications security for the government. President Ronald Reagan added the mission of information systems security and operations security training in 1984 and 1988. In 1986 the NSA was also given the task of supporting combat operations for the Department of Defense. In its headquarters at Fort George Meade, Maryland, NSA has unquestionably the most extensive and complete assemblage of intelligence-gathering equipment in the world. NSA is the largest global employer of mathematicians, code makers, code breakers, linguists, computer geeks, and electronic experts.

Many conspiracy theorists fear that within a few years all Americans will be forced to receive a programmable biochip implant somewhere in their body. Initially people will be informed that the biochip will be used largely for purposes of identification. The reality is that the implant will be linked to a massive supercomputer system that will make it possible for government agencies such as NSA to maintain a surveillance of all citizens by ground sensors and satellites. With the help of satellites, the implanted person can be followed anywhere.

Conspiracy researchers believe that even beyond the present incredible snooping powers of Echelon, NSA has developed an electronic surveillance system that can simultaneously follow the unique bioelectrical resonance brain frequency of millions of people. NSA’s Signals Intelligence group can remotely monitor information from human brains by decoding the evoked potentials (3.50HZ, 5 milliwatt) emitted by the brain. Electromagnetic frequency (EMF) brain stimulation signals can be sent to the brains of specific individuals, causing the desired effects of depression, anxiety, anger, or sorrow to be experienced by the target.

Defenders of Echelon are quick to state that it was such signals-intercept technology that helped contain and eventually defeat the USSR during the Cold War. Conspiracists say, fine, that was then, this is now—and Echelon, designed originally to target Communist and terrorist states, is currently being directed against virtually every citizen on the planet. Echelon must not be used as a threat to the liberties of the American people or to assess the political, religious, and personal opinions of individuals.

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