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saturated fat,

any solid fat that is an esterester,
any one of a group of organic compounds with general formula RCO2R′ (where R and R′ are alkyl groups or aryl groups) that are formed by the reaction between an alcohol and an acid.
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 of glycerolglycerol,
or 1,2,3-propanetriol
, CH2OHCHOHCH2OH, colorless, odorless, sweet-tasting, syrupy liquid. Glycerol is a trihydric alcohol. It melts at 17.
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 and a saturated fatty acidfatty acid,
any of the organic carboxylic acids present in fats and oils as esters of glycerol. Molecular weights of fatty acids vary over a wide range. The carbon skeleton of any fatty acid is unbranched. Some fatty acids are saturated, i.e.
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. The molecules of a saturated fat have only single bonds between carbon atoms; if double bonds are present in the fatty acid portion of the molecule, the fat is said to be unsaturated. Unsaturated fats generally have lower melting points than saturated fats and are often liquids (oils) at room temperature. Unsaturated fats can be converted to saturated fats by a process called hydrogenation; since this usually raises the melting point of the fat and makes it a solid, the process is also called hardening. A correlation has been found between the consumption of solid fats in food and cholesterol levels in blood. Cholesterol forms arterial plaques that may lead to blockage of the arteries, i.e., atherosclerosis. Dietary guidelines in the United States call for reduced intake of saturated fat. See fats and oilsfats and oils,
group of organic substances that form an important part of the diet and also are useful in many industries. The fats are usually solid, the oils generally liquid at ordinary room temperatures.
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Not only high level of fat and saturated fatty acids but also TFA is very dangerous for the health of consumers.
The lowest mean value of the saturated fatty acid fraction was in the females for the Mediterranean Sea (31.5% [+ or -] 13.5) whereas the highest mean value was 45.8% ([+ or -] 3.5) in the males from the Gulf of Suez.
[7] Nonstandard abbreviations: MetS, metabolic syndrome; CI, confidence interval; PS ratio, ratio of total polyunsaturated fatty acids to saturated fatty acids. Table 1.
C16:0 is the major contributor to the total saturated fatty acid level of vegetable oils including Brassica oil.
Women in the lowest quartile of saturated fatty acid (SFA) consumption lost 0.22 mm in mean minimal coronary artery diameter.
Saturated fatty acids are seen as the chief offenders in coronary heart disease as they are associated with raised levels of bad cholesterol.
Saturated fatty acids, which include stearic acids, hydrogenated fatty acids, coconut-type fatty acids and others, will continue to garner the largest share of the fatty acid market, accounting for about 57% of the total in 2002.
Saturated fatty acids, including stearic acids, hydrogenated fatty acids, coconut-type fatty acids and others, will continue to garner the largest share of the fatty acid market, accounting for about 57 percent of the total in 2002.
Trans fatty acids, unlike cis fatty acids, have the same straight chain, three-dimensional structure as saturated fatty acids. It is thought that the similarity in three-dimensional structure between saturated and trans fatty acids may be in part responsible for the atherogenic properties of trans fatty acids.
And unlike other highly saturated fatty acids, stearic acid doesn't interfere with the body's ability to remove cholesterol.
Saturated fatty acids carry all the hydrogen atoms they can hold.
All formulas attempt to emulate the nutritional characteristics of breast milk which is rich In cholesterol and saturated fatty acids, but low in unsaturated fatty acids, Commercial formulas are the opposite: rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and low in cholesterol.