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a. of or relating to lead
b. having or symptomatic of lead poisoning
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

There are many common terms and expressions that originate in the science of the stars. Saturn rules, among other matters, sour and depressed dispositions. Hence, someone with a dour, melancholy temperament is sometimes called saturnine.

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A skip south from Lac Chambon took us towards the pristinely maintained and restored villages of Saint Saturnin - former residence of the barons of la Tour d'Auvergne - and Montpeyroux, both of which are listed among the Plus Beaux Villages de France.
NASA's previous missions - such as Pioneer 11 that launched to Saturnin 1973 - gathered data along the way from multiple extraterrestrial
His Domaine Virgile Joly now has 15 hectares in production, divided between 13 or 14 different parcels around the village of Saint Saturnin on the stony soils of the Terraces du Larzac in the northern Languedoc.