Saturninus, Lucius Appuleius

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Saturninus, Lucius Appuleius


Died 100 B. C., in Rome. Roman political figure, member of the populares, orator, and people’s tribune (103 and 100 B. C.).

After overcoming the resistance of the Senate in 100, Saturninus Dushed through the People’s Assembly laws for allotting land to the former troops of Gaius Marius and establishing colonies in the provinces. But Saturninus’ proposed bill for lowering grain prices was rejected by the Senate. The political struggle intensified during the elections of magistrates in 99. In a street clash, Memmius, the Senate-backed candidate for consul, was killed. The Senate declared the state to be in danger, and the consuls, one of whom was G. Marius, were entrusted with quelling the unrest. Saturninus and his ally Glaucia were surrounded on the Capitoline Hill and killed. In contrast to the movement of the Grachii, Saturninus’ movement was participated in, to a large degree, by the lumpen proletariat and military elements.


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