mountain, Iran: see SabalanSabalan
or Savalan
, volcanic cone, 15,592 ft (4,752 m) high, NW Iran, near Ardebil. The prophet Zoroaster reputedly wrote the Avesta there.
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from Prosecco Hills, candidate for UNESCO world heritage status, as well as national Savalan wines.
Zerbi, "Geochemistry of the Savalan volcano (northwestern Iran)," Chemical Geology, vol.
Former prisoners such as Azerbaijani activist Jabbar Savalan have been released, and others have seen their situation dramatically improve - such as residents of Port Harcourt's Abonnema Wharf who were spared from an illegal forced eviction at that last minute.
Amnesty International has documented similar cases where drugs have been "found" on critics of the government, such as Eynulla Fatullayev and Sakit Zahidov and opposition youth activist Jabbar Savalan, all of whom Amnesty International considered to be the prisoners of conscience, imprisoned solely for peaceful exercise of their freedom of expression.
"The recent sentencing of two youth activists, Jabbar Savalan and
The Savalan-Dalga-Lerik-Deniz-Janub JV: A deep water block 220 km south of Baku, operated by ExxonMobil under a PSA which Mobil signed with Aliyev in April 1999, contains the structures of Savalan, Dalga, Lerik, Deniz and Janub.
"I would like to say thank you to all our friends at wineries Savalan, Chabiant, Firelands, Azgranata, Goygol Wine Factory, not only for their support but also for producing quality wines, making us proud when guests enjoy them and tell us that Azerbaijani wines are quality wines which can compete with even French wines.
Also, in honor of the 650th anniversary of the great Azerbaijani poet, thinker and philosopher Imadaddin Nasimi and the Year of Nasimi, the "Savalan" groupperformed musical piece on the poet's ghazel.
Emotional Intelligence, (Skills and Tests) translate by Mehdi Ganji, Tehran: Savalan.
The presented Azerbaijani wines of the local brand "Savalan" aroused great interest among the guests.
Another Azerbaijani wine-making company Aspi Agro LLC, operating in the country's Gabala district, plans to export "Savalan" wines to Turkey.