Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

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Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

Address:c/o Savannah Coastal Refuges Complex
1000 Business Center Dr, Suite 10
Savannah, GA 31405

Established: 1927.
Location:Along the Atlantic coast, near the South Carolina-Georgia border.
Facilities:Trails, auto tour route.
Activities:Bicycling, fishing, hunting, educational programs
Special Features:Known for its rich flora during the humid summer months, the region supports a diverse wildlife popultion. The variety of birdlife within the Lowcountry is enhanced by its location on the Atlantic Flyway.
Habitats: More than 29,000 acres of freshwater marshes, tidal rivers, creeks, and bottomland hardwoods.
Access: Open during daylight hours; about half of the refuge is accessible only by boat.
Wild life: Mallards, pintails, teal, wood ducks, bald eagle, wood stork, flatwoods salamander, and American alligator.

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NWF maintains that deepening the 36-mile channel by another six feet to accommodate the largest container ships would allow salt water to destroy more than half of the remaining freshwater wetlands at the nearby Savannah National Wildlife Refuge. The project also would adversely impact the Savannah River's federally endangered short-nosed sturgeon, prevent recovery of striped bass and increase the introduction of potentially invasive species, according to Andrew Schock, director of NWF's Southeastern Natural Resource Center in Atlanta.

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