Savitri-Vrata (Savitri Vow)

May-June; 13th day of waning half of Hindu month of Jyestha
Savitri-Vrata is observed by Hindu women in honor of the legendary princess Savitri. She loved her husband, Satyavan, so much that she refused to leave him when he died, eventually persuading Yama, King of Death, to give him back. Women whose husbands are alive spend the day fasting and praying, anointing their husbands' foreheads with sandalwood paste, and showering them with gifts of food and flowers. Women whose husbands have died beg to be delivered from the miseries of widowhood in a future existence. The vrata, or vow, is a ritual practice observed by Hindu women for a period of 14 years to obtain their wish.
See also Karwachoth
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