Savoy Conference

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Savoy Conference:

see Savoy, theSavoy, the,
chapel in London, between the Strand and the Thames River. Its name is derived from the palace of Peter of Savoy, uncle of Eleanor of Provence, wife of Henry III. Destroyed (1381) in the Peasants' Revolt, the palace was rebuilt (1505) as the Hospital of St.
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Produced in time for, and because of, this major anniversary, Cummings's text presents in sequence the earliest version of the prayer book, produced during the reign of King Edward VI in 1549, a revised version introduced by Queen Elizabeth I in 1559, and the 1662 version, brought into existence after the Restoration of King Charles II in 1660 and the Savoy Conference of 1661.
Spinks's study concludes at the Savoy Conference and the restoration of the Book of Common Prayer (1662), ending the attempt to unite the English and Scottish churches.