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Wood fragments made by a saw in cutting.



a waste product consisting of small particles obtained in the process of sawing wood. The dimensions of sawdust particles depend on the type of cutting tool, the cutting speed, and the rate of feed. Sawdust is used as a raw material in the production of hydrolysates. It is also used in the manufacture of wood meal, as a filler, and as a fuel.

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The vet thought the horse probably burst a little vessel in his nostril trying to clear the sawdust and considered it such a minor thing that there was no need to report it.
The idea for sawdust painting was suggested by a colleague whose church creates sawdust carpets to celebrate a feast day.
What it indicates is that you have to be diligent and, in a situation like last week, you might get away for a while with sawdust," noted Dan Margulies, president of the Community Housing Improvement Program.
Recycled can mean anything from sawdust to post-consumer waste.
s) timber sawing / sawdust supply for sawdust thermal power plant - vlahita town, Harghita county.
In general, sawdust and rice hulls are the most popular bedding materials in South Korea, but the price of sawdust is relatively expensive and unstable, because most sawdust is imported from abroad.
Sawdust toilets, which are my favorite, are really just buckets of sawdust and nutrient-rich human excretions.
A container with known dimensions and weight was used to measure the sawdust, where the number, weight and volume of each full container was recorded.
Each year Platts produces thousands of tonnes of shavings, sawdust and wood pellets from raw material sourced from saw mills around Britain.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 10, 2015-Doppler Labs, National Sawdust bring 'Here Active Listening to Brooklyn