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musical instrument invented in the 1840s by Adolphe Sax. Although it uses the single reed of the clarinet family, it has a conical tube and is made of metal. By 1846 there was a double family of 14 saxophones, seven in F and C for orchestral use and seven in E flat and B flat for bands. The latter are by far most common today, the alto, tenor, and baritone being used most frequently. The saxophone has a powerful tone, between woodwind and brass in quality and blending well with both. Valuable to bands and occasionally used in the orchestra, it is now best known for its extensive use in dance and jazz music. It has a small serious solo literature. All saxophones except those in C are transposing instrumentstransposing instrument,
a musical instrument whose part in a score is written at a different pitch than that actually sounded. Such an instrument is usually referred to by the keynote of its natural scale—the clarinet in A, for example—in which case A is sounded when
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a wind instrument, invented by A. Sax. It is made of brass in the shape of a parabolic tube and has a beak-shaped mouthpiece with a single reed. The saxophone family normally numbers seven members, ranging from the sopranino to the contrabass. One of the basic instruments of the jazz ensemble, it is also used in brass bands, as well as in music-hall and symphony orchestras. The saxophone is also played as a solo instrument.


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a keyed wind instrument of mellow tone colour, used mainly in jazz and dance music. It is made in various sizes, has a conical bore, and a single reed
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Such a bluesy atmosphere will accompany some great Lebanese and Syrian cuisine at the Zaatar -- Food & Arts Project in Nicosia on Thursday when the Saxophone Quintet will perform it's From Rag Time to Jazz routine.
By 1930 over a million saxophones existed throughout the world.
I know that music teachers are often constrained by very limited budgets, but I always give the same piece of advice when it comes to improving a saxophone section: your students need professional model mouthpieces.
Two soprano saxophones were stolen, one straight and one curved.
Friday: Tumbleweed - recent Dankworth composition prize-winner Andrew Woodhead on piano, Chris Young on alto saxophone and Ben Kane on drums - are at The Red Lion in the Jewellery Quarter from 7.
The music world was lucky too - without the saxophone, would there have been a John Coltrane, Sidney Bechet, Charlie "Bird" Parker or a Stan Getz to work their magic?
BEIRUT: The introduction of the saxophone into the classical idioms of the Middle East and North Africa is not a new phenomenon.
Starting with some unusual primeval instruments including the didgeridoo, the sessions moved on to wooden folk flutes and whistles, continuing with the modern classical flute and finishing with the saxophone.
Deborah added the group, formed a year ago, have some experience of walking while playing and said: "We played at Edinburgh Fringe as part of the National Saxophone Choir and we had to do a cavalcade through the streets of Edinburgh while playing.
Theo Wanne has spent most of his life and most of his life's fortune searching for the perfect saxophone mouthpiece.
Michael Holmes will perform 20th century music along with new works for saxophone and electronics at 8 p.
I play all the saxophones in the recording, and can be heard on background vocals as well.