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musical instrument invented in the 1840s by Adolphe Sax. Although it uses the single reed of the clarinet family, it has a conical tube and is made of metal. By 1846 there was a double family of 14 saxophones, seven in F and C for orchestral use and seven in E flat and B flat for bands. The latter are by far most common today, the alto, tenor, and baritone being used most frequently. The saxophone has a powerful tone, between woodwind and brass in quality and blending well with both. Valuable to bands and occasionally used in the orchestra, it is now best known for its extensive use in dance and jazz music. It has a small serious solo literature. All saxophones except those in C are transposing instrumentstransposing instrument,
a musical instrument whose part in a score is written at a different pitch than that actually sounded. Such an instrument is usually referred to by the keynote of its natural scale—the clarinet in A, for example—in which case A is sounded when
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a wind instrument, invented by A. Sax. It is made of brass in the shape of a parabolic tube and has a beak-shaped mouthpiece with a single reed. The saxophone family normally numbers seven members, ranging from the sopranino to the contrabass. One of the basic instruments of the jazz ensemble, it is also used in brass bands, as well as in music-hall and symphony orchestras. The saxophone is also played as a solo instrument.


Vertex-fed linear array antenna giving a cosecant-squared radiation pattern.


a keyed wind instrument of mellow tone colour, used mainly in jazz and dance music. It is made in various sizes, has a conical bore, and a single reed
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The genre of music seems to be lagging, because the numbers of saxophonists we have around are few compared to others in other genre of music.
He has also taught at universities throughout the world and gives yearly master classes in Greece under the G-string of Pythagoras, which applies ancient music theory for the modern saxophonist.
There are now so many examples of extended techniques in the repertoire that saxophonists perform, that even good high school students are performing pieces for their "Solo and Ensemble" contests.
The gig by trio Libero, led by saxophonist Andy Sheppard, was satisfying enough but too often lacked imagination and depth one might expect from musicians of this calibre.
On Sunday, at 1pm, at the Corner House Hotel, Newcastle, top UK tenor saxophonist Don Weller meets local saxophone hero Lewis Watson and his North Eastern quartet.
Included are two Chambers-led dates, three from Kelly and the classic 1959 hard bop album, ``Fabulous Frank Strozier,'' featuring the unheralded alto saxophonist Strozier and the brilliantly gifted trumpeter Booker Little, who died not long after this session.
The 15th international Pharos Chamber Music Festival begins on Wednesday with a saxophone recital by Amy Dickson, considered to be one of the most important saxophonists of our time, in Nicosia.
Dunmall is one of the best saxophonists in the UK, with a particular facility for emotional blow-outs at high volume, maximum loquacity and with massive emotional weight.
Bernstein uncorked a bluesy guitar solo, saxophonists Wilson and Coltrane kept the groove going during their improvisations, and pianist Charlap turned in a remarkably understated keyboard solo.
One of the UK's most distinctive saxophonists Ed Jones has received critical