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(pen name of Aruthin Sayadian). Born 1712 in Tbilisi; died there 1795. Armenian poet.

The son of an artisan, Sayat-Nova became renowned as a gusan (folk singer), composing songs in Armenian, Georgian, and Azerbaijani. For a time, he lived at the court of Irakli II but was exiled as a result of his opposition to the aristocracy. He took vows as a priest and in 1768 retired to the Haghbat Monastery. He was brutally slain when Persian troops invaded Tbilisi.

Sayat-Nova’s poetry is permeated with longing for a life filled with love and harmony. In contrast to medieval religious dogmas, his philosophy of love is optimistic; he treats love as the source of life-giving strength and creative energy. His poetry influenced Armenian, Georgian, and Azerbaijani fine arts.


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