Sazhin, Mikhail

The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.

Sazhin, Mikhail Petrovich


Born Oct. 17 (29), 1845, at Izhevskii Zavod, in what is now the Udmurt ASSR; died Jan. 8, 1934, in Moscow. Russian revolutionary Narodnik (Populist).

Sazhin was the son of a member of the bourgeoisie. In 1858 he entered the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology. He became active in the revolutionary movement in the mid-1860’s. In 1868 he was banished to Vologda Province. In 1869, Sazhin fled to America, where he worked at various industrial plants under the name Armand Ross. In 1870 he was summoned to Geneva by S. G. Nechaev. There he met M. A. Bakunin and became one of Bakunin’s closest associates. In 1871, Sazhin participated in the Paris Commune. In the summer of 1871 he joined the Jura Federation of the International, and in 1872 he joined Bakunin’s secret Alliance.

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