Scalar Field

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scalar field

[′skā·lər ′fēld]
The field consisting of the scalars of a vector space.
A function on a vector space into the scalars of the vector space.
A field which is characterized by a function of position and time whose value at each point is a scalar.

Scalar Field


a region with each of whose points P there is associated a number a(P) called a scalar. Mathematically, a scalar field can be defined in a given region G by specifying a scalar function a(P) of each point P of the region. Examples of scalar fields are the temperature field in a body and a density field. The methods of vector analysis are used to study scalar fields.

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In Section 2 we derive the stochastic wave equation for an inflaton interacting with an infinite set of scalar fields in a homogeneous expanding metric.
Bearing in mind that the property b is a ([pi]; t)-dependent scalar field, the rate of change of the linear momentum of [vol.sub.[epsilon]] ([B.sup.0.sub.[epsilon]]) along [e.sub.b], [omega]([B.sup.0.sub.[epsilon]]) say, then results in
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In this paper, we will investigate the gravitational field shielding by scalar field and type II superconductors.
At the microscopic level, where a scalar field obtains in a frenzy of Brownian motion resembling a gas state, we will argue that neurons may perform a Gabor or Fourier transform.
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A potential field is also a scalar field, but usually, one takes advantage of a vector field (e.g., the gradient field) associated with it.
In the low energy effective action, usually string theory based-models are comprised of two massless scalar fields, the dilaton, and the axion (see, e.g., [1]).
With discrete divergence and gradient defined for both primal and dual cochains, the Laplacian operator [nabla] * [nabla] can then be well defined for a scalar field [phi](r).
The twist centre [] and a particular value of the constant c were introduced in [61] by requiring that zeroth and first elastic moments of the scalar field [[phi].sub.c] :[OMEGA] [??] R are zero