Scalar Field

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scalar field

[′skā·lər ′fēld]
The field consisting of the scalars of a vector space.
A function on a vector space into the scalars of the vector space.
A field which is characterized by a function of position and time whose value at each point is a scalar.

Scalar Field


a region with each of whose points P there is associated a number a(P) called a scalar. Mathematically, a scalar field can be defined in a given region G by specifying a scalar function a(P) of each point P of the region. Examples of scalar fields are the temperature field in a body and a density field. The methods of vector analysis are used to study scalar fields.

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Here, [bar.K] is an [N.sub.1] x [N.sub.1] matrix with only [N.sub.1,[partial derivative]] nonzero rows, similar with [[partial derivative].sub.n][bar.g] introduced for scalar wave. The (i,j) element [[[bar.K]].sub.i,j] associated with j-th primal edge and i-th dual face at surface, which only has one edge [L.sup.[partial derivative].sub.i] on the surface, is defined as:
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As mentioned, to obtain a comparative analysis of the method and better understand these results, we carry out the same experiment using PML for the scalar wave (13).
In other words, [g.sup.n.sub.i,j,k] is the solution of the second order central difference approximation of the scalar wave equation with Kronecker delta excitation expressed as (it has been considered as i' = j' = k' = n' = 0 due to the shifting capability of the Green's functions):
The function f ([LAMBDA]) is the NtD map corresponding to the optimal PML for the scalar wave equation.
This description above of in-and out-waves is almost identical to the quantum waves of the electron that can be obtained rigorously using a scalar wave equation in Section H.
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We have shown that such a scalar wave is purely electric and has no magnetic component.
Here we demonstrate the use of optimal grids for the two dimensional scalar wave equation with domain decomposition.
The resulting optical field is denoted by a scalar wave function,
Principle I is: Quantum matter waves exist in space and are solutions of a scalar wave equation.