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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The Scales is a popular alternate term for the sign Libra.

What does it mean when you dream about scales? (weights)

Scales symbolize justice, but also weighing something, which can symbolize making a decision. Scales in a dream can also be drawing on the expression “to tip the scales.”


signify impartiality. [Art: Hall, 183]
See: Justice
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In examining the face-to-face course responses, student preferences compared to their actual perceptions, data indicated that on the scales of Personal Relevance (Preferred m=4.
Ramsay's presentation of scales takes the pianist through one-octave and two-octave parallel motion with fingering, including "jazz melodic minor" scales.
95, The Professional Cookware (08700 707 172)' Reda scales with microwave and dishwasher safe bowl, pounds 4.
Before hydrologic factors are used to monitor and forecast mosquitoborne disease transmission, the scales at which the disease system responds to hydrologic variability, as well as the scales at which hydrologic variability can be monitored, must be considered.
For those environments where storage virtualization is practical, there are four fundamental challenges that must be addressed by vendors and considered by potential adopters: scale, functionality, management and support.
In the July 2004 Ecology, Brown, West, and their colleagues proposed that their equation can shed light not just on individual animals' life processes but on every biological scale, from subcellular molecules to global ecosystems.
Sources of stress to coastal environments operate over a range of spatial scales (e.
Three assessment instruments were used: the Piers-Harris Children's Self-Concept Scale, the Teacher Inferred Self-Concept Scale, mid a researcher developed social studies test based on information contained within the third-grade textbook.
Another reason for applying pressure systems is where one charging point serves multiple scales, so it makes sense to have a single air source.
Standard features on both scales include auto-tare, auto-zero, and auto-weigh.
The Economist towers offer three different scales of fenestration.