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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The Scales is a popular alternate term for the sign Libra.

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What does it mean when you dream about scales? (weights)

Scales symbolize justice, but also weighing something, which can symbolize making a decision. Scales in a dream can also be drawing on the expression “to tip the scales.”

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signify impartiality. [Art: Hall, 183]
See: Justice
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The basic pay of an employee would be fixed in the new basic pay scales on point-to-point basis.
Electronic scales bring some cool technology to handloaders, but at a price.
All existing employees have joined System Scale, and Central Scales owner John Sanders is now in a senior management role with System Scale.
Here with the inspiration from Eslami and Khoveyni [1] who presented a method in determining the types of left and right returns to scales we will extend their method at the presence of interval data.
The first half presents each scale pattern in all the keys.
B-TEK Scales is a cutting edge US scale manufacturer, offering a fully digital truck scale, The Centurion as well as fully custom scale products for the scrap and recycling industry.
Acme egg grading scales were produced by Specialty Mfg.
Even though many sharks have an ancient ancestry, most modern sharks have very small scales, called dermal denticles or placoid scales.
CHICAGO -- The obesity crisis might be bad news for America, but there's a bright side for at least one sector--the scale and body-fat monitor industry.
Dulton classic pink scales pounds 89.95 (, 0845 419 8653); Bliss pebble pounds 23.45 on sale, usually pounds 35 (, 01789 400077); Jumping Man LED glass scales pounds 40 (, 020 7636 1666); Susa glass mechanical scales pounds 39 (, 0870 411 5501); WeightWatchers Glacier Precision Electronic scale pounds 39.99 (, 0870 600 8784); Daisy LED glass scales pounds 35 (, 01789 400077); EKS Chrome Doctors Mechanical scale pounds 34.99 (, 0870 600 8784); Fabulous frothy bathtime design scales pounds 8.95 The ducks and soap are just a clever print!
Types of Scales There are three basic types of kitchen scales on the market -- spring, balance and digital scales.
The tiny scales that cover several beetles in the Cyphochilus genus of southeastern Asia are much whiter than natural sub stances such as milk and tooth enamel and are almost as bright as a sheet of paper, says Pete Vukusic, a physicist at Exeter University in England.