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Now considering the asymptotic large antennas regime M [right arrow] [infinity], the power scaling law with the channel aging in the Massive MIMO downlink is given.
Consequently, the scaling law describing the time evolution of the property b([pi]; t) writes
[l.sub.min] and [l.sub.max] are set to be 0.5 and 500 m, respectively, which satisfies the necessary condition for the size distribution of fracture length to follow the fractal scaling law. The fractures with lengths that are smaller than 0.5 m contribute negligibly to the flow rate with respect to long fractures.
The scaling laws further enable the subgrid parameterizations to be utilized more widely, as they remove the need to generate the subgrid coefficients from a reference simulation.
In other words, in earlier years, Chinese cities departed from the allometric scaling law to some extent.
Scaling law of [p.sub.busy]-carrier sensing range under Nakagami fading is as follows:
We have checked this scaling law using the photographs of the dye patterns recorded at the CORIOLIS tank in Grenoble in 1996, during the experiments supported by PECO/COPERNICUS project ERBCIPD940092/ERBCHGECT920015 and supervised by Prof.
[52], on the other hand, argues that if the plateau modulus follows the same scaling law as the osmotic pressure, then, by analogy, n should range from 2.31 for good solvents to 3.0 for [theta] solvents.
The big differences in scaling laws and scaled energies suggest that fast and slow earthquakes are qualitatively different phenomena.
The graph, with axes in logarithmic scale, of Figure 9 shows the trend of k versus R represented by the scaling law (11) and the corresponding 95% confidence intervals [65]; considering V as scale parameter it is possible to get a similar graph.
There are two questions regarding the scaling law used in CVT: 1) Is the parabolic scaling law optimal for all types of boundaries?