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(operating system, storage)
An MS-DOS command to check for faults on a disk and provide a graphical representation the results. Scandisk was introduced with MS-DOS version 6 to replace CHKDSK.


A DOS utility included only in Windows 95/98/ME that detected and repaired errors on disk. Similar to the Chkdsk utility, ScanDisk reclaimed lost clusters and turned them into .CHK files. It also performed a surface scan of the disk. ScanDisk (SCANDISK.EXE) was first shipped with DOS 6.2 and used a character-based menu interface. If Windows crashed or the computer lost power, the next time the computer was booted, ScanDisk ran automatically.

Chkdsk (CHKDSK.EXE) is a command line program that reclaims lost clusters and has shipped with every version of Windows thus far. See lost cluster and Chkdsk.
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To date, over 71% of all industry MP3 player sales are Apple iPods relative to Scandisk's 11% share and Microsoft's 4%.
Hurricane Fly was bred in Ireland by Agricola del Parco out of the winning Kenmare mare Scandisk. He is therefore bred on the same lines as Royal Lodge and Preis Von Europa winner Jukebox Jury.
Feeding of this trend is the reason Jordan's two biggest holdings are Qualcomm and Scandisk. He predicts Qualcomm will garner a majority share of the Android-based tablets sales (70%) and a significant share (35% or 40%) of the overall tablet market.
"The scenario is much brighter as we see more demand for flash technology," said Tarek Hussaini, regional sales director at ScanDisk.
A quick fix for this involves running a disk scan which checks for disc errors and fixes the bad sectors (some examples are scandisk and checkdsk utilities in windows).
Additional features include a ScanDisk card slot for expanded storage, HDMI output for displaying in 1080p resolution, and a motion capture rate of 20 frames per second for clear imaging.
He compared his company, a specialist in the printing of polymerbased memories on paper, cardboard and foil and a spin-off from Chemnitz University of Technology, to Scandisk, a global leader in the production of electronic memory devices.
El Sansa, de Scandisk, empresa famosa por sus productos de memoria flash, es un reproductor de MP3 con sintonizador de FM con 20 posiciones de memoria para estaciones preseleccionadas.
Scanning ( the hard disk should be scanned for any errors once a month using the ScanDisk utility.
QHOW do I run Scandisk to defragment my hard drive?
MacRae advises you to simply go to the ScanDisk utility and run it until your problem is either automatically fixed by the computer or at least identified clearly so you can focus your repairs.
The program identifies and removes files that are often missed by the system uninstaller, defrag, and scandisk programs.