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, Ger. Schaulen, Rus. Shavli, city (1993 pop. 147,800), N Lithuania. It is a rail hub and has railroad repair shops. Siauliai is also a major tanning, shoe-manufacturing, and flax-processing center. First known in the 13th cent.
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, Lithuania.
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Bilensteins assessed a number of similar place-names (with vowel shifts) in his reference work, "Die Grenzen des lettischen Volkstammes"; for example, the place-name Amelinge was recorded in Zemgale, and dates from before 1263; this place-name may variously be associated with Amola, or Omola in Polish and the feature that it denotes was noted as located, 'zwischen dem Wirwita-Fluss und der Windau, zur Kreise Schaulen gehorig" (Bielenstein 1892 : 244).