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, Du. Schelde, Fr. Escaut, river, c.270 mi (435 km) long, rising in N France and flowing generally NE across W Belgium and into the North Sea through the Western Scheldt (De Honte) estuary, SW Netherlands.
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Also, Schelde is currently CFO of Thornico Holding A/S and as CEO of its subsidiary Thornico IT A/S.
Three ships, Gas carrier Milahr, Qatar Bulk cargo carrier Paros Sea and Chemicals carrier Jbu Schelde sailed out to sea on Tuesday morning, while two more ships, MSC Bilbao and Manuela Bottiglieri were expected to sail the same afternoon.
A total of nine ships Express Suez, GH Chinook, CMA CGM Tancredi, Bitumen Queen, Paros Sea, Jbu Schelde, Alora, Manuela Bottigliers and Milahr Qattar are currently occupying PQA berths to load/offload Containers, Bitumen, Coal, Chemicals, Soya been, Palm oil and LNG respectively during last 24 hours.
"We've actually increased the equity portfolio recently," says CIO Anders Schelde. "We used to have a tilt towards minimum variance, but we've been reducing that over the years and building up a portfolio of small-cap equities." Schelde is even considering emerging market equities again, though he hasn't moved any assets just yet.
For their new export identity the Dubuissons settled on Scaldis, the ancient Roman name for the Schelde River.
VOLLEYBALL: Troon Team Ayrshire breathed new life into the women's Schelde Sports Scottish League title race with a 23-25 25-21 25-18 25-19 win over leaders City of Edinburgh.
In Europe, the Dutch Damen Schelde shipbuilder has produced three generations of the highly successful Enforcer series for Royal Netherlands Navy, followed by four Royal Navy's Bay class landing ship docks built in Britain by BAE Systems, and Spain's two Galicia class LPDs.
An English-ish-speaking guy with a map pointed me in the right direction, and I eventually climbed my way to the top of the MAS, which is ripe for self portraits with the landscape of the city or the Schelde river in the background.
Currently based at the Rijnkaai, Sleeping AroundOs four hotel rooms are housed in containers next to the Schelde, along with a breakfast/lounge container and a sauna container.
Departing December 23, the threestar ship sails to Rotterdam before reaching Antwerp on Christmas Day, where there's a chance to walk off Christmas lunch along the Schelde River.
3), drawn bravely in pen and ink by Albrecht Durer without a preliminary sketch in charcoal or chalk, and Pieter Bruegel the Elder's A storm in the River Schelde with a view of Antwerp (c.