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An initiative of the Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Russia-based Yandex search engines to define a common vocabulary for identifying data on Web pages. Launched in 2011, provides thousands of data descriptions for the things and actions in the world and endorses the Microdata, RDFa and JSON-LD syntaxes. See Semantic Web, Microdata, RDFa and JSON-LD.
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After going to that CSE or a similarly created one, the searcher still needs to know the rather cryptic syntax to use as well as the Schema.
An advantage about integrating this system with HTML is that when using a library of standard vocabularies such as Schema.
While this makes sense for large amounts and high velocities of unstructured data such as tweets, there is much to gain by semantically annotating and sharing data according to some well established vocabularies, for example, Schema.
Implementing basic SEO techniques or semantic web technologies--such as that of Schema.
US is HQ for Miami web developer Bruce Arnold, the WebRTC WSQD and expert-rated South Florida web designer to choose for native or hybrid Mobile Web apps and mobile-friendly speedy secure responsive web design (#ssRwd) with PHP/MySQL web development and jQuery/JavaScript web programming that passes 15 objective tests assuring W3C-valid HTML5/CSS3, HTTPS/HSTS encryption security, semantically-optimized Schema.
This custom search engine crawls the web, looking for JobPosting markup from schema.
and Bing collaborate to make search better with schema.

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