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1. Psychol denoting a personality disorder characterized by extreme shyness and oversensitivity to others
2. a person who has a schizoid personality
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a constitutionally and genetically determined type of personality characterized by autism (that is, preoccupation with the self and alienation from the external world), emotional coldness combined with marked vulnerability, and the predominance of abstract thinking. It is often associated with an asthenic body build.

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I hypothesize that GEDD tends to be part of schizoid personality disorder. The predicted characteristics of GEDD provide a moderately accurate description of this personality disorder.
A further problem is the low internal consistency of the schizoid personality disorder items.
Except for Elizabeth Fox-Genovese's fine study of the "pervasive voice of `motherlessness'" in the novel(2) and Cynthia Griffin Wolff's interpretation of Edna as a woman with a schizoid personality disorder,(3) we have paid too little attention to the making of Edna's personality.
Another five persons had a related disorder, called schizoid personality disorder, in which social relationships are shunned and strong emotions are rarely experienced.
Kashikari, Kathputli, Deconstruction, Schizoid personality disorder and Futuristic were some of the prominent themes that the display included.
Of course, it also comes down to the overlap with social and agoraphobic disorders and with the schizoid personality disorder, which many European psychiatrists see more as a part of the continuum in the schizophrenias.
Mr Pegden said Reid, who has a schizoid personality disorder, had a terrible life with a mother who was alcoholic and depressive and a step-father who beat him.