Scholarly Association of Orientalists

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Scholarly Association of Orientalists


(full name, All-Union Scholarly Association of Orientalists under the Central Executive Committee of the USSR), a scholarly institution that was founded Dec. 12, 1921, and began to function Jan. 14, 1922.

The Scholarly Association of Orientalists had two permanent sections, namely, political economy and historical ethnology. The association served to unite Orientalists in the USSR. It promoted the application of Marxism to Oriental studies and furthered the study of national liberation movements in the East outside the Soviet Union as well as the study of the Soviet East. The association’s organ, Novyi Vostok (The New East), and its series of books The East in the Struggle for Independence acquainted readers with the contemporary situation in the countries of the East and with the revolutionary struggle of the working people in these countries.

In 1930, the functions of the association were assumed by the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and by the Institute of Oriental Studies organized within the academy.

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