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Interestingly, the term kataphronein is applied to both women and may recall the phrase mega phronein used to characterize Coisyra in the scholia. Both terms were used of (aspiring) tyrants.
Gomez-Davila thinks of his aphorisms (escolios) as scholia, that is, annotations, explanations, glosses, or commentaries on philosophical questions, problems, and dilemmas.
According to T., the "Commentary" on Revelation contained in the Scholia in Apocalypsin is Cassian the Sabaite's product--one of the many "treasures" T.
Having formerly edited scholia on Virgil, I found this book and its associated web site particularly exciting.
The eight well-chosen plates illustrate the development of critical apparatus from glosses and scholia scattered on the page through the emergence of integrated text and commentary to the increasing sophistication of diagrams, indexes and tables.
Among the former, we have philosophical mistranslations like Sartre's poursoi, which is universally translated as "for-itself," being translated instead as "for-oneself" (28) or Spinoza's scholia as "scholies" (149).
This version of Akylas was used through the sixth century in Greek, and echoes of it can be found in the Hebrew glosses, scholia, and commentaries of Byzantine Jews through the sixteenth century alongside use of other rabbinical sanctioned translations into Greek of the fourth and fifth centuries.