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What does it mean when you dream about a desk?

If we work at a desk daily, dreaming about a desk can just be a reflection of our daily lives in the dream state. Otherwise, desks can represent work or established authority.

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"I tell myself every day I could still be sitting behind a school desk back home in Hastings.
Since 2010 EWRI has produced 300,000 pieces of school desks. And Lemen began much earlier than a television program that collects plastic bottles for its noontime community program.
In the early-morning internet assault, a group that calls itself "Team System DZ" reportedly hacked School Desk, a company that hosts school district web pages, and wiped all original content with a recruitment video.
The first scene of the ad is of a terrorist preparing a suicide vest, while four kids are playing football, a little girl is sitting on her school desk in the class, a grandfather is pampering his grandson, and a bride and groom is getting ready for their wedding.
He was back at his school desk four months later and, aged 11, he won two gold medals and a silver at the British Transplant Games.
I worked on my technique anywhere you could imagine: tapping underneath my school desk, calf raises in the grocery store and always in my splits while watching TV or reading.
HMT is dedicated towards improving the learning environment in schools by addressing and tackling the national school desk deficit across Tanzania.
Clearly girls chatting to boys at break-times, glances across the school desk, the questioning of a boy pupils opinions will all be deemed un-lady like.
[bar] Ivory Campaign filing cabinet pounds 475, Alexander & Pearl, 0203 3725139, This vintage school desk and chair are a great alternative to bog standard office furniture, and would be perfect in a child's room or a retro-style study.
When Rachel Whitwell, 29, was photographed naked draped over a school desk in January 2010, there was furore in the entire teachers' community.
As a result on more than one occasion I had to stand on a school desk to enable fellow classmates to see the result.
Children were encouraged to sit at a wartime school desk to pen a letter to Santa and post it in the museum's special post-box, as well as solving the clues to a quiz to give themselves the chance of winning an early Christmas present of a pounds 15 voucher for the museum shop.

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