Schultz, Theodore William

Schultz, Theodore William,

1902–98, American economist; b. Arlington, S.Dak. He taught at Iowa State College (1930–43) and the Univ. of Chicago (1943–67), but remained active at Chicago long after his retirement. A specialist in agricultural economics and the economic problems of developing countries, he shared the 1979 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences with Sir Arthur LewisLewis, Sir Arthur
(Sir William Arthur Lewis), 1915–91, British economist, b. St. Lucia. A graduate (1940) of the London School of Economics, he was later a professor of economics at the Univ. of Manchester (1948–58) and at Princeton (1963–83).
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. Schultz's work contributed to the development of the concept of human capital. His books include Transforming Traditional Agriculture (1964) and Economic Growth and Agriculture (1968).