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, Ger. Schweidnitz, town (1993 est. pop. 64,200), Dolnośląskie prov., SW Poland. It has metal and chemical works, textile mills, sugar refineries, and various manufactures.
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, Poland.
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One of the strangest and most macabre of museums was installed almost a century ago in the town house of a branch of the von Richthofen family in Schweidnitz in Silesia (Fig.
Die habsburgische Rekatholisierungspolitik in Glogau und Schweidnitz (1526-1707).
The cabinet also appointed Director Schuck of Schweidnitz, whom Wichern had recommended, to the post of prison director.
In addition to Colmar, Gus spent time in four other prison camps: Freiburg, Karlsruhe, Holzminden, and Schweidnitz. There are no records to indicate the length of time spent at Freiburg and Colmar, but, according to a Red Cross list, he was at Holzminden on December 3, and at his last prison, Schweidnitz, just north of Leipzig, on January 31, 1918.
By now we had passed the city of Schweidnitz, in the Sudetenland.
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I never dreamed about things I wanted to become or do when I was growing up in the small town of Schweidnitz, Schlesien, in a part of Germany that was known as Silesia.
He is remembered as the "Red Baron," the stuff of legends -- the gaudy aircraft of Jasta II, the famed "Flying Circus," the silver cups commemorating victories, and the trophy room at the family home in Schweidnitz crammed with patches of fabric bearing the serial numbers of downed enemy aircraft, captured machine-guns, flare pistols, and other souvenirs.
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