Sciatic Nerve

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sciatic nerve

[sī′ad·ik ′nərv]
Either of a pair of long nerves that originate in the lower spinal cord and send fibers to the upper thigh muscles and the joints, skin, and muscles of the leg.

Sciatic Nerve


the largest nerve trunk in vertebrate animals and man. It is formed from projections of spinal-cord motor neurons and sensory cells of the spinal ganglia; in man, it is formed from the fourth and fifth pairs of the lumbar nerves and the first to third pairs of the sacral nerves. It emerges through the foramen infrapiriforme as a long branch of the sacral plexus.

The sciatic nerve consists of two nerves, the tibial nerve (pre-axial component) and the common peroneal nerve (postaxial component), enclosed in a common connective-tissue membrane. Branches emerging from the sciatic nerve in the femur extend from the musculus gluteus maximus to the popliteal fossa, reaching the posterior muscles and the knee joint; the tibial and common peroneal nerves are separated here as well. The tibial nerve innervates the posterior muscles of the leg and the muscles of the sole; it gives off the medial cutaneous nerve in the leg and innervates the skin of the sole. The common peroneal nerve bifurcates into the deep and superficial peroneal nerves which terminate in the anterior and lateral muscles of the leg, the muscles of the back of the foot, and the skin of the lateral surface of the leg and of the back of the foot.


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The branching patterns of three sciatic nerves were examined and characterized by the order of branching both medial to lateral and proximal to distal.
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The accident left Mark in a state of perpetual pain; no existing product provided the relief he sought for the incessant burning pain resultant from herniated disc injury and an injured sciatic nerve.
This study demonstrates that EOAZ depresses the amplitude and conduction velocity of the compound action potential (CAP) of the sciatic nerve.
Following up the in vitro study of mice sciatic nerves, it has been demonstrated in an in vivo pilot study at Cornell University Medical College that neuromuscular damage secondary to a neurotoxin administration can be reversed with the Jacobson Resonator, with restored function in damaged mice.
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A back displacement and sciatica is the obvious, and common, diagnosis in such a situation but is, I think, also wrong, and for two reasons: the first is eisegesis, reading back into the text the practice of later times, the removal of the sciatic nerve for the purpose of kashrut, hence the inference of sciatica, and secondly, the biblical story doesn't mention the curve (caf) of the gav, back, but of the groin.