Scoresby Sound

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Scoresby Sound,

arm of the Greenland Sea, E Greenland. It has numerous fjords that branch out generally westward to the ice cap. Some of the branches extend more than 180 mi (290 km) inland. At its mouth is the settlement of Scoresbysund (1995 pop. 483), the center of the district of Scoresbysund. The town is a fishing and hunting base.
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Whenever possible, tissue samples from each voucher specimen are collected in small plastic tubes, (b) In Scoresby Sound (Ittoqqortoormiit), East Greenland, the Inuit have a quota of 35 polar bears that can be hunted every year as part of the indigenous subsistence hunt.
He hopes to have another go at getting into Scoresby Sound, despite the full retribution of the law, which sentenced him to 14 days in jail after he returned home last time.
In a recent study conducted by Danish and Canadian researchers, scientists have found several environmental toxins in the brain tissue of polar bears living in Scoresby Sound in Greenland.