Scot, Michael

Scot, Michael,

c.1175–c.1234, medieval scholar, b. Scotland. He served as astrologer and physician at the court of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II, where with other scholars he translated Aristotle and Averroës into Latin. Scot was best known as a magician, however, famed for his occult learning and reputed supernatural powers. Numerous legends arose concerning his miraculous feats. He figures in Dante's Inferno and Scott's Lay of the Last Minstrel.
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But a third Scot, Michael Leslie, crashed out 4-2 to Jimmy Robertson.
However, he was unable to get past another Scot, Michael Leslie, going down fighting 5-3.
Souness added: "As a Scot, Michael Owen's goals for England don't interest me as much as those he scores for Newcastle United.