Scotch broom

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Scotch broom:

see broombroom,
common name for plants of two closely related and similar Old World genera, Cytisus and Genista, of the family Leguminosae (pulse family). They are mostly twiggy leguminous shrubs with abundant yellow or white (in Cytisus,
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But the birds' earlier nesting site was located near the post's artillery impact area and remains pristine prairie due to annual range fires that burn back intrusive plants like scotch broom and Douglas fir.
* Do you make sure that the plants you're setting out are not invasive in your area--as are English ivy and buddleja in the Northwest, pampas grass or Scotch broom in California, and grasses and Kahili ginger in Hawaii?
A directory features easy-to-use profiles and full-color images of these hardy plants--many of which have magnificent blooms--including Scotch broom, trumpet honeysuckle, and anthemias.
The dozen or so secured pastures are protected by 10-foot wooden fences at the outermost borders, where new subdivisions are springing up like Scotch broom.
Trailing down the sides of the crumbling cliffs, hillside morning glories twine with Scotch broom and lupine that cling serenely to the vertical earth.
Throughout the whole Minho region, I enjoyed incomparable views of the lush green countryside filled with oak, pine, and eucalyptus trees, as well as the dramatic golden yellow of sturdy Scotch broom. The Parque Nacional and historic villages such as the Casa de Fundevila, where one can stay in a typical mountain house, are reminders of another, more peaceful, era.
French and Scotch broom were introduced to stabilize old quarries.
French broom, Scotch broom, and pampas grass entered the country as ornamentals.
It won't mean invasive weeds like blackberry and Scotch broom stop growing and crowding out newly planted tree seedlings.
I removed scotch broom, a highly flammable invasive plant.
Beneath the front window, a row of Scotch broom (Cytisus scoparius 'Lena') becomes a haze of yellow in spring, providing a backdrop for the sweetly fragrant, pink flowers of dwarf Korean lilacs.