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We tested this hypothesis by comparing the size of annual shoots of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris), downy birch (Betula pubescens), and Norway spruce (Picea abies) along a distance gradient from supplementary feeding stations.
STAFF at Cragside in Northumberland are on a high as a 140-year-old Scots pine growing in its grounds has been declared the tallest in the UK.
We found our Scots pine when we followed the Beinn Eighe Mountain Nature Trail up to the skirts of Meall a'Ghiubhais - one of the outriders of the mighty Beinn Eighe range that embraces six Munros (Scottish mountains over 3000ft in height).
My favourite, and the front runner among most folk, is the Scots pine.
Earlier a 50% lower Fe concentration in roots and 3 to 5 times higher concentrations in stems, shoots, and needles were found for young Scots pines growing in the vicinity of a cement plant than in the unpolluted control area (Mandre et al., 1999), indicating translocation disturbances.
The average Cu concentration determined in Scots pines from south-eastern Lithuanian was equal to 2.52 [+ or -] 1.62 mg x [kg.sup.-1] and the median value was 2.02 mg x [kg.sup.-1] (n = 164 d.w.).
l Some ancient Scots Pines in the Highlands were alive in the time of Joan of Arc in the 15th century
Ahead is a clump of majestic Scots pines and within them the best pieces of work in the park, giant curls of orangey/red wood, similar in shape to the shavings that fall from a carpenter's plane, stand 3 metres high among the trees - and improve them.
Swedish and Finnish Scots pines may represent divergent evolutionary lines spatially separated by the Baltic Sea with restricted gene flow between them and potential differences in the selective environments (including parasite genetic properties).
There are dragon pines from Japan and Scots pines from Europe, cypress from Central America, larches from Siberia, dawn redwoods from central China.
Felling of three scots pines and crown reduction to two scots pines at 23 Acer Crescent, Paisley ?Installation of a memorial plaque on the boundary wall to the cemetery at Burial Ground, Kilbarchan West Parish Church, Church Street, Kilbarchan ?Erection of a singlestorey extension to the side of 27 Inglewood Crescent, Paisley ?
The high July temperature probably favours evapotranspiration and therefore the growth of trees, as observed for the Scots pines growing on alluvial terraces along Alpine rivers (Polacek et al., 2006).