Robert Falcon Scott

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Robert Falcon Scott
BirthplacePlymouth, Devon, England, UK
Royal Navy officer and Antarctic explorer
EducationNaval cadet programme, HMS Britannia
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Scott, Robert Falcon


Born June 6, 1868, in Devon-port; died circa Mar. 30, 1912, British antarctic explorer.

In the period 1901–04, Scott led an expedition that discovered Edward VII Peninsula and explored Victoria Land; from Ross Island the expedition proceeded as far as 82° 17’ S lat., traveling along a high mountain chain on the western edge of the Ross Ice Shelf. In early 1911, Scott returned to Antarctica on a second expedition and in November set out southward from Ross Island to the south pole; along with four companions, he reached the south pole on Jan. 18, 1912,33 days later than R. Amundsen. On the way back, all five perished. Mountains in Ender by Land, two glaciers (located at 110° E long, and 150° W long.), and an island in the Southern Ocean have been named in honor of Scott


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Posledniaia ekspeditsiia R. Skotta: Dnevniki, proshchal’nye pis’ma, Moscow, 1955.’
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Only when conditions reached Scott of the Antarctic proportions were we allowed to wear long trousers, and then grudgingly.
Such was Scott of the Antarctic's legendary status, for most of the 20th Century the English-speaking world almost overlooked the fact that the great British explorer was not the first to the South Pole as he was beaten to it by Norwegian Roald Amundsen.
Supermarkets were raided by shoppers stocking for a Siberian siege, schools closed and those who ventured out did so with the air of survivalists or Scott of the Antarctic. I half expected some of them to carry flags and claim the white heights of Linthwaite for Queen and country.
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It's named after Scott of the Antarctic's ship which sailed from Cardiff on its ill-fated voyage 100 years ago and a picture of the ship, encased in the ice features on the pub sign.
The festival also sees television presenter Ben Fogle narrating a Scott of the Antarctic Centenary Concert on February 3, Bryn Terfel in the Royal Opera's Die Meistersinger on January 11 and Valery Gergiev conducting Wagner's Parsifal on Good Friday.
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