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1. an unpowered barge used for freight; lighter
2. (esp in the midwestern US) a sailing yacht with a flat bottom, designed to plane



(in Russian, shalanda), a small, shallow-draft vessel used in loading and unloading large ships lying in roads and for transporting earth or small cargoes. Large scows are usually self-propelled. Scows that are used to remove earth excavated by dredges are usually equipped with doors in the bottom for dumping. The Russian word shalanda is also used for flat-bottomed, sail-rigged fishing boats that have a centerboard and that operate on the Black Sea.

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Scoop employed its bucket to force the scow to move, which threw Stewart
The GeoFence is comprised of a small computer, a GPS, and a relay which will be custom installed on each of Cashman's scows and which will be designed to track the current position of the scow relative to the MPRSA permitted dump site coordinates and it will prevent dumping until the scow is inside the permitted dump site coordinates, thus eliminating the element of human error, a common cause of MPRSA misdumping.
It is necessary that the refuse be properly spread and piled on these scows to keep them on an even keel.
Other projects include oil and deckcargo barges, chemical barges, dump scows, military gunboats, hydraulic dump barges, dredges and the world's largest roll on/roll off railcar barges.
Its waters were plied by an immense variety of craft - barges, scows, track-boats, pleasure steamers, lighters and puffers, originally pulled by horses and later powered by steam.
And whereas Armleder's piece looked deliberately vacuous, ScoWs was just vacantly trendy.
Finally, on 9 June the main party started on the trail - a three month journey on foot and by river scows with rest camps in between - for Fort Selkirk where they arrived on 11 September.
Knights, as when complaining of implausible absences in ScoWs narration.
Editors and columnists scurry between sinking scows, and readers are barraged by scandal and smut.
Scows are again part of the Mini Transat this year that leaves France on 19 September with 78 sailors registered.
Open Competition: Evaluation of operation gruntootvoznyh class ships PPP + M and + M-pr in previous years, and the development of technical project gruntootvoznoy scows class PPP + M-pr 2.