screen scraper

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screen scraper

A piece of software used to automate interaction between two computer systems through the terminal interface (designed for human use) of one of those systems.

Typically, the screen scraper interacts with terminal emulation software to generate input to and process output from the "host" system through terminal screens. Screen scrapers are advantageous when modifications to the host system are undesireable, when it is desireable to make use of the existing business and data integrity logic on the host, and when no other (peer-to-peer) interface method is available.

Some products employ screen scraping combined with additional functionality which provides a DBMS-like or other specialised interface to the host. The host system is often called a "legacy system" because it usually the older of the systems involved and based on older technology.
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screen scraper

(1) Software that automatically extracts and saves data from interactive screens without user intervention. This type of screen scraper was used primarily to capture data displayed on earlier character-based terminals. See character based.

(2) Software that automatically extracts data from HTML pages or other documents that are normally viewed interactively (see screen scraping).

(3) Also called "frontware," this screen scraper added a graphical user interface (GUI) to earlier character-based mainframe and minicomputer applications. The software ran in the user's computer, which connected to the mainframe or mini via the network or terminal emulation. See terminal emulation.
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Unfortunately, however, these kinds of screen scrapers cannot necessarily be reused in other operational areas.
At the start of this month, the Irish carrier began cancelling and reimbursing up to 500 bookings a day made by online ticket agents known as 'screen scrapers' who were selling the tickets to passengers at inflated prices.
It also said screen scrapers were slowing down its website.
Europe's biggest budget carrier last week began cancelling bookings on its website made by online ticket agents known as 'screen scrapers', who were selling tickets on to passengers at inflated prices.
"At the start of August we were cancelling around 450 tickets a day booked by screen scrapers," he added.
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Hackers took over the compromised computers to send spam and host spyware or install key loggers and screen scrapers to steal personal, confidential financial information without the userCOs knowledge.
Mr O'Leary wants to stop travellers buying flights through price comparison websites - known as screen scrapers - which he claimed were acting illegally and jacking up prices.
We want to cause as much chaos for the screen scrapers as possible."
"By leaving just a little extra time and making sure you have de-icer and screen scrapers handy, motorists can ensure they can see the road ahead clearly at all times."
Rachael says that clients who sign up for these services authorise the aggregator to act as their agent, so the screen scrapers don't need a bank's permission to do their work.