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Scripps College:

see Claremont CollegesClaremont Colleges,
at Claremont, Calif.; including five liberal arts and sciences colleges and two graduate schools; founded 1925, known until 1961 as the Associated Colleges at Claremont. Their history began with Pomona College (inc.
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The entire article was based on a private message by a woman named Vanessa Tyson, who is a fellow at Stanford University's Scripps College. The message did not explicitly mention Fairfax by name but instead hinted at a prominent Democratic figure in politics who won the election for a state office in November 2017.
from Old Dominion University, an MBA from Claremont Graduate University and a bachelor's degree from Scripps College.
In her role at Ohio University's Scripps College of Communication, Michelle Ferrier studies innovation and entrepreneurship in media.
At Scripps College in California, someone wrote "Trump 2016" on a student's white board, in a move the student body president called "intentional violence." And at the University of Michigan, chalkers had the audacity to scrawl "Trump 2016" and "Stop Islam" on the Diag, a public square in the center of campus.
One such incident comes not from Bowdoin but from Scripps College in southern California, where George F.
Her previous review for Ceramics: Art and Perception was Clay's Sweet Symphony: 2014 Scripps College 70th Ceramics Annual (Issue 99, March 2015).
According to Elisabeth Pfeiffer, a Huffington Post contributor and Scripps College graduate, "Women's colleges instill a sense of leadership in students.
Valedictorian Olivia Del Guercio, the daughter of Diane and Richard Del Guercio, plans to attend Scripps College in California.
Topol (cardiologist & professor of genomics, Scripps College) here argues that the digital revolution can and must revolutionize medicine in ways that have not yet been fully explored.
Spezio (California Institute of Technology and Scripps College), and James Van Slyke (Fresno Pacific University).
Finkelpearl (Professor of Classics at Scripps College, Claremont, California) is a 160 page compendium comprised of selections of the writings of Apuleius (including 660 unadapted lines from 'Metamorphoses") and specifically designed to aid students in their study of the Latin language by the provision of extensive notations, a vocabulary, a map, and four illustrations.