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Jennifer Cameron, in telling this story at the Sola Scriptura (Scripture Alone) event held in October, drew the analogy: when people who have been formed by scripture hear the voice of God in the word they are drawn to it, knowing it to be their primary allegiance, the way to follow.
Rather, the immediacy of God's work of instruction through the Scriptures is rooted in inspiration.
Sacred Word, Broken Word: Biblical Authority and the Dark Side of Scripture.
As positive encounters between Jews and Christians increased it became obvious not only that there were rather different interpretations of their common scriptures but also that there were even different numbers and the order of books within the scriptures of the two communities.
It was intended to discuss and try to resolve methodological problems that had arisen in the study of the apostle Paul's many and varied references to the Jewish Scriptures.
if we would know Christ, we must seek him in the Scriptures.
Nevada (US), Mar 7 (ANI): Hindus have urged the comics' publishers to stay true to the story and spirit of the scriptures while showcasing ancient Hindu scriptural subjects.
Compiled by Ron Rhodes (President of Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries), "Find It Fast In The Bible: A Quick Topical Reference" is an easily portable, pocket-sized, 202-page, alphabetically organized compendium of Biblical scriptures arranged according to specific tops that span hundreds of topics from Ability and Abortion Rights to Youth and Zeal.
To this end, in The Christian Counselors Manual (1973), Adams asserted that "the scriptures are the primary and normative source from which the Christian counselor's presuppositions and principles must be drawn" (p.
For Caputo "scriptural hermeneutic" is "where the Word of God, the Scriptures, undergo what we might entitle a methodological transformation into an event.
Researched in meticulous depth and detail, Dying and Rising With Christ picks apart the scriptures of Paul line by line in its quest to uncover the precise nuances of Paul's vision that may surprise contemporary Christian believers.
The Scriptures, especially the New Testament, leave no doubt as to the existence of Hell as a place or state of eternal punishment.