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see ShkodërShkodër
or Scutari
, Serbo-Croatian Skadar, anc. Scodra, city (1989 est. pop. 80,200), capital of Shkodër dist., NW Albania, at the outlet of Lake Scutari. It is a market center in a fertile agricultural area that produces a variety of crops.
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, Albania.


Turkey: see ÜsküdarÜsküdar
or Scutari
, urban district, part of İstanbul, Turkey, on the Asian side of the Bosporus. It is a commercial and industrial center. Known as Chrysopolis in ancient times, it enjoyed its greatest prosperity after the Ottoman conquest (15th cent.).
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"ArtPlace understands that rural communities can't lure millennials back home, build sustainable arts ecosystems, or attract high-tech employers with Stone Age internet speeds," Scutari wrote.
Betsi left Scutari at the age of 60 to make her own way to Balaclava, where she served on the frontline without Nightingale's permission.
Upon arrival to Scutari, the team of nurses found a dilapidated, filthy, quadrangle building that was overcrowded, unsanitary, and infested with rodents and bugs.
De acordo com Nagarajan, Scutari e Lebre (2013) uma rede bayesiana e uma classe de modelos graficos que permite construir uma representacao de dependencia probabilistica entre um dado conjunto de variaveis aleatorias X={X1, X2, ..., Xp} representada por um grafo direto e aciclico (DAG-Direct acyclic graph) G=(V,A) no qual cada no Vi [member of] V corresponde a uma variavel aleatoria Xi.
In [16], Lorenzo and Scutari developed a novel distributed algorithm for solving unconstrained nonconvex optimization problems which associated a multiagent network with time-varying connectivity.
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During the Crimean War I visited Florence Nightingale's hospital at Scutari, before setting up my own "British Hotel" to help troops in Kadikoi.
She and a small band of untrained nurses went to the British Hospital at Scutari in Turkey.
Her works and strife in the Crimean War at the Scutari Hospital made her famous.
I called for volunteers and 38 ladies travelled with me to Scutari in Turkey on the Crimean Peninsula to nurse at the two Army Hospitals set up.
Sidney Herbert later became a foreign secretary for war and requested the service of Florence Nightingale to lead a team of thirty-eight nurses to assist at the main British Army hospital at Scutari, near Constantinople, to cure British wounded soldiers of the Crimean War [9].
A February poll by the Morrison Institute for Public Policy at Arizona State University found that 45 percent of Arizona adults want to "make all marijuana use legal for those 18 years of age and older." A 2014 poll conducted by Scutari and Cieslak Public Relations found that 51 percent of Arizona voters supported legalization.