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see ShkodërShkodër
or Scutari
, Serbo-Croatian Skadar, anc. Scodra, city (1989 est. pop. 80,200), capital of Shkodër dist., NW Albania, at the outlet of Lake Scutari. It is a market center in a fertile agricultural area that produces a variety of crops.
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, Albania.


Turkey: see ÜsküdarÜsküdar
or Scutari
, urban district, part of İstanbul, Turkey, on the Asian side of the Bosporus. It is a commercial and industrial center. Known as Chrysopolis in ancient times, it enjoyed its greatest prosperity after the Ottoman conquest (15th cent.).
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Betsi left Scutari at the age of 60 to make her own way to Balaclava, where she served on the frontline without Nightingale's permission.
Upon arrival to Scutari, the team of nurses found a dilapidated, filthy, quadrangle building that was overcrowded, unsanitary, and infested with rodents and bugs.
Her local newspaper, The Guardian, wrote in her obituary, and described her task in Scutari as "Saving the British Army, and, in doing so, created a model for all to follow" (Nelson & Rafferty, 2010).
While in Scutari, I was outraged at the squalor and filth the soldiers had to endure.
Attewell has also put across that Nightingale was not wishing to imperil the prospect of alienating the doctors that she met at Scutari so she placed the nurses under the doctors' orders and within a month she secured the improvements in the upkeep of the wards, provided new bedding and clothing for the soldiers, and improved the hospital diets [12].
Situated on the Albanian border is the Balkan Peninsula's largest lake, Scutari, also known as Lake Skadar.
See Matthew Scutari, "The Great Equalizer": Making Sense of the Supreme Court's Equal Protection Jurisprudence in American Public Education
Writing for non-statisticians who need to use statistics in some other field, Scutari and Denis focus on the solid foundations of a small set of core definitions and properties that underlie Bayesian networks, leaving the fine details of causal reasoning and other matters for readers who are interested to find in advanced treatises.
They have therefore thrown their support behind legislation introduced by state Senator Nicholas Scutari (D-Union) that would legalize the possession of up to one ounce of the drug, and instead would regulate and tax marijuana.
Nicholas Scutari (D-Union) has announced plans to introduce a bill legalizing marijuana.
She reorganized the field hospital at Scutari in Turkey, and within 6 months patient mortality there decreased from 40% to 2% (5, 6).
Ciudades: Niza, Roma, Napoles; Pompeya, Palermo, Taormina, Corfu, Atenas, Esmirna, Estambul, Scutari, Belgrado, Brusa.