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A rounded apothecium with an elevated rim found in certain lichens.
The flattened cotyledon of a monocotyledonous plant embryo, such as a grass.
(invertebrate zoology)
The third of four pieces forming the upper part of the thoracic segment in certain insects.
(vertebrate zoology)
One of the scales on the tarsi and toes of birds.



one of the principal organs in the embryo of grasses of the family Gramineae. During seed sprouting, the scutellum secretes enzymes that make soluble the reserve substances of the endosperm that nourish the developing embryo. Some botanists regard the scutellum as a cotyledon, and others as a modified axis of the embryo.

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nilgirensis Arrow, 4 spots with whitish setae are present on the elytra: one medial and another near the scutellum.
Scutellum dark red-brown, largely apruinose except for silver anterior 1/3, fine dark red-brown setose (apical macrosetae poorly differentiated).
1L) Measurements of whole seeds Scutellum/ Sample # Length Width Scutellum seed length & age (mm) (mm) height (mm) ratio FS2 AD (See Table 4 for measurements of later samples) 1220- 1420 FS6 390-50 cal BC FS 19 1950- 1700 cal BC FS47 2460- 1.
In this paper, hydroballochory utilizing the specialized calyx structure (the scutellum and under lip) is discussed.
Scutellum dark red-brown, entirely apruinose, fine sparse red-brown setose (apical macrosetae poorly differentiated).
Four monocultured benthic diatom strains--Cocconeis scutellum, Cylindrotheca closterium, Licmophora flabellata, and Navicula sp.
Thorax darkish brown with grey microtomentum, except mesonotum glossy darkish brown with sparse black microtomentum; scutellum darkish brown with gray microtomentum.
10; similar to male in general structure and coloration, with following exceptions: pronotum, scutellum, clavus and inner corium dark yellow, outer corium broadly pale green (Fig.
Metamorphosis after 4 days averaged 74% for tin old culture of Cocconeis scutellum 81.
Scutellum and metanotum shiny, punctate, unsculptured among punctures.