see Beth-shanBeth-shan
or Beth-shean
, ancient town, at the meeting of the Vale of Jezreel with the Jordan valley. It was the most strategic point of E ancient Palestine, with the crossing of four roads. References to it in the Bible are numerous.
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How much more interesting her book might have been had Ramelli shown us the thrusts and counterthrusts by such fourth-to-fifth-century figures as Epiphanius, Theophilus of Antioch, Jerome, Augustine, and Shenoute of Atripe, and by the sixth-century authors Severus of Antioch, Cyril of Scythopolis, Barsanuphius, John of Gaza, and Jacob of Sarug, all of whom took vigorous exception to universalism.
53), Cyril of Scythopolis, "Life of Sabas" (Eduard Schwartz, Kyrillos von Skythopolis [Leipzig: Hinrichs, 1939], 172 11.
Based on the dating of the Syriac translations (which is somewhat earlier than the Greek edition variorum from which all the known Greek manuscripts derive) Perczel, rightly argues that the Syriac translations of the Greek are likely truer to Dionysius's writings, as the Greek possibly suffered much redaction by John of Scythopolis in his introduction to and commentaries on the CD.
1998), John of Scythopolis and the Dionysian Corpus: Annotating the Areopagite, p.
Sites included are primarily Eastern Mediterranean, as well as Pella, Dura-Europos, Scythopolis, and Sagalassos.
Moreover cities such as Tyre, Ptolemais and Scythopolis struck their own coins from the Hellenistic age and these were current in Palestine also.
Scholarship surrounding the person of John of Scythopolis has been minimal and this volume accordingly performs a great service by making available his life and theological concerns.
Euthymius's life, and that of his industrious disciple Sabas, were written by Cyril, a native of Palestine from the city of Scythopolis a few miles south of the sea of Galilee in the Jordan valley, and the first self-consciously Palestinian writer in Christian history.
In another story, in Y Avodah Zarah 1:3 (39c), one rabbi sends another to buy him spun yarn at the Saturnalia festival in Scythopolis, in the hope that a rabbinic authority will permit its.
See also Krueger, "Typological Figuration;" and Krueger, "Writing as Devotion: Hagiograpical Composition and the Cult of the Saints in Theodroet of Cyrrhus and Cyril of Scythopolis," Church History 66, no.
He is a church historian (he has written, for example, on Cyril of Scythopolis and Palestinian monasticism) and has three decades of first-hand experience with Orthodox churches, especially in Serbia, Russia, Romania, Syria and Ethiopia.
John, a sixth-century bishop of Scythopolis in Palestine, was an active participant in the christological debates of his time, advocating the neo-Chalcedonian position, and a worthy opponent of Severus of Antioch.