Sea Anemones

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Sea Anemones


(Actiniaria), an order of marine Coelenterata from the class of coral polyps (Anthozoa). The sea anemones are solitary polyps and rarely form colonies. The body of the sea anemone is cylindrical (from several mm to 1.5 m across) and sacciform, with a muscular foot by means of which the animal can move slowly. On the upper end of the body there is a mouth surrounded by a crown of feelers. Species which lead an attached, fossorial, and free-swimming life are also known. The anemones are usually brightly colored.

Anemones are widely found; however, the majority dwell in tropical and subtropical waters. In the USSR they are found in the Black Sea, as well as in the northern and far eastern seas. Anemones are predators and feed on various small animals and even small fish; there are also mud-eating forms. The prey is seized by feelers armed with stinging cells, the “shots” of which paralyze or kill the victim. They can cause painful stings to human beings. Certain anemones live symbiotically with hermit crabs and other invertebrates.


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Scott Borg, who heads the Antarctic Sciences Section in NSF's Division of Polar Programs, said that the discovery is an absolutely astonishing discovery-and just how the sea anemones create and maintain burrows in the bottom of the ice shelf, while that surface is actively melting, remains an intriguing mystery.
Only the clown fish, which has a mucous covering that protects it from the dangerous stinging tentacles of anemones that can even paralyse, can hide in the prickly, stinging sea anemones," said AlMahmoud.
A sea anemone common in the Caribbean is known by the scientific name Stichodactyla helianthus.
At first glance, sea anemones look like colorful, exotic flowers that peacefully sway with the ocean's current.
Also featured is the humorous Marine Dialogues in which she tries to woo jellyfish, shrimps, sea anemones and sea gooseberries.
A EURO EUR6million research project will see scientists collect, isolate and classify marine organisms, including sea anemones, tunicates and micro and macroalgae, from the world's seas and oceans, and look for active biochemicals with potential medical uses.
We have not seen any dead fish being washed ashore but have come across sea anemones covered with oil," he said.
Craig Venter Institute, along with more than 70 other researchers from around the world, have sequenced and analyzed the genome of Hydra magnipapillata, a fresh water member of the cnidaria -- stinging animals that include jellyfish, sea anemones and corals.
This project is an excellent way for everyone to get involved in ensuring that the wealth of marine species and habitats will be here for future generations to enjoy "Volunteers can monitor anything from seaweed to crabs, sea anemones or shellfish, and the spots they would like survey.
Home to the pretty cuckoo wrasse, the fearsome-looking wolf fish, deeplet sea anemones, light bulb sea squirts, edible sea urchins and bottle brush hydroids.
In another, dancers pulsate like sea anemones, manifesting Pierce-Sands' diminishing life force.
Often the larger marine animals are more elusive, but many divers relish the smaller attractions, such as sea anemones and Dungeness crab.