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Sea Peoples,

modern term for any of the groups of people who attacked Egypt and the E Mediterranean by sea and sometimes by land c.1200 B.C. They are recorded as having fought in battles with Egypt during the dynasties of Ramses IIRamses II
, Rameses II,
or Ramesses II
, d. 1225 B.C., king of ancient Egypt, of the XIX dynasty. The son of Seti I, Ramses was not the heir to the throne but usurped it from his brother. He reigned for 67 years (1292–1225 B.C.).
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, when some also served as mercenaries in his armies; MerneptahMerneptah
, d. c.1215 B.C., king of ancient Egypt, of the XIX dynasty; son and successor of Ramses II. He succeeded (1224 B.C.) to the throne when he was already advanced in years. He quelled a revolt in Syria and repulsed a Libyan invasion of the western delta of the Nile.
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; and Ramses IIIRamses III
, Rameses III,
or Ramesses III
, d. 1167 B.C., king of ancient Egypt, 2d ruler of the XX dynasty. He ended the period of anarchy that followed Merneptah rule and reigned c.1198–1167 B.C.
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. They also may have contributed to the downfall of the HittiteHittites
, ancient people of Asia Minor and Syria, who flourished from 1600 to 1200 B.C. The Hittites, a people of Indo-European connection, were supposed to have entered Cappadocia c.1800 B.C.
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 empire. Their origins are unclear and have been the subject of much conjecture and speculation. They may have come from the Aegean, especially Crete, or elsewhere in the Mediterranean and from ancient Asia Minor; their migrations and attacks may have been prompted by drought and crop failures in their own lands. The PhilistinesPhilistines
, inhabitants of Philistia, a non-Semitic people who came to Palestine from a region in the Mediterranean in the 12th cent. B.C. Genetic studies in the 21st cent.
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 have been considered one of the Sea Peoples, but some scholars have questioned that designation.
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And all our thoughts are the thoughts of six-hundred-pounders, and all our speeches; and because we don't want to steal umbrellas ourselves, we forget that below the sea people do want to steal them, and do steal them sometimes, and that what's a joke up here is down there reality--"
The sea cows went on schlooping and grazing and chumping in the weed, and Kotick asked them questions in every language that he had picked up in his travels; and the Sea People talk nearly as many languages as human beings.
Sea People is a wonderful book about how and when the Polynesians ended up in Polynesia.
In Sea People: The Puzzle of Polynesia, Harvard Review editor Christina Thompson weaves together history, science, folklore and the islands' ancient oral traditions, archeology and genealogy, creating a mesmerizing, page-turning account of Polynesia.
In addition, there are numerous references in the written records of the era to the powerful and savage 'Sea People' who were attacking and ravaging the coastal cities and towns around the Mediterranean.
The Badjaos are sea people - 'they depend on the sea for their livelihood, they couldn't live away from the sea, and people should be treated like plants: planted where they bloom' as Nanay Soling puts it."
As a Newfoundland-born composer, how could I not be drawn to Britten's gritty and colourful evocation of sea people? Peter Pears was wonderful, but Jon Vickers really took this role to a new level.
When Kempinski Hotel Aqaba Red Sea people training manager Yazan Osama Shakman landed a career in the hotel industry it was the best thing that ever happened to him.
"What will happen to the Christians, the lumad, and the Tausug" and the sea people? he said.
Buckley's sea people, however, do not dance around and sing "Under the Sea." They are brutal fighters, arrogant about their superiority over humans, and live like refugees on the beaches of Coney Island.